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The Maryland Mediators Group is an alliance of professional mediators committed to:
  • Providing public access to experienced mediators
  • Offering mediation services in a broad variety of areas
  • Advancing the awareness, understanding and use of mediation
    with presentations to civic groups and community organizations

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a trained neutral person, a "mediator,"
helps people in a dispute work out agreements that satisfy everyone's needs.

Why mediate?

  • Preserves relationships
  • Quicker and less costly than court
  • Private and confidential
  • Opportunity for everyone to be heard

Maryland Mediator Group Experience

Maryland Mediator Group members have mediated thousands of civil actions, contracts, elder issues, business disputes, co-worker disputes, CINA cases, discrimination complaints, community conflicts, separation agreements, divorce settlements, and parenting plans, as well as mediating disputes pertaining to landlord/tenant relations, auto repair, boat repair, and harassment.  They have provided underwriting counsel for title companies, and have mediated commercial and residential real estate, estates and trusts, domestic (divorce), guardianship, banking, commercial transactions, creditor-debtor relations, bankruptcy and litigation disputes. Group members have served as instructors for seminars on probate mediation for the District Court of MD with Hon. Joyce Baylor-Thompson of the Orphans Court for Baltimore City at Anne Arundel Community College, on mediation training critique for Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education for Lawyers (MICPEL) and for the Maryland Judicial Training Center, for real estate training through Community College of Baltimore County, for CLE and for Professional Education Services, Inc. (PESI).  The group's mediators have personally conducted, supervised and co-mediated misdemeanor criminal cases including trespass, telephone abuse, harassment boundary disputes, excessive noise, theft, minor assault, and juvenile citations, and civil cases including Peace Orders, consumer, homeowners/community association, and violation of county regulations (i.e. Animal Control and Zoning Enforcement).




This website was created by the mediators listed herein for the purpose of promoting their own respective practices and to give information about mediation to the public. The mediators listed on this website are independent from one another and are not in partnership with each other in any way. Each mediator is responsible for his or her acts with respect to anyone who may engage him or her through this website to render mediation services and shall not be liable in any way for any act or omission of another mediator listed on this website.
This website is available to provide general information. It is not to be construed as establishing any contractual relationship with any mediator on this website until such individual (s) have signed an agreement to mediate or letter of engagement with the mediator. Mediation, by its nature, does not include the rendering of legal or financial advice or performing marriage or other counseling and should not be construed as providing such counsel, advice or therapy in any way.
Please be advised that e-mail communication will not be deemed to establish a contractual relationship. Electronic technology is not secure and e-mail communications are not confidential.


Maryland Mediators Group

Offering mediation services in a broad variety of areas

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